Sunday, November 16, 2008

i think this can help in projects

Hey guys listen up
jus give up the concept of using the oracle 8i and 9i where we are forced to learn the sql from beginning for each project
switch on to oracle 10g express edition available at

this is a free version given from oracle developers site and u need to give ur username and password and it doesnt require email conformation

i forgot to speciffy earlier
u can backup ur user tables connections in oracle by using a simple gui tool to jus move your tables here and there

so here s easy dump for oracle

u can create users,develop reports,forms at ease
this revolution was started in oracle 9i as "isql" and this has changed completely in oracle 10g 

and now enough of the backend stuff
in the present day trends the server pages programming is dominant and the leading contenders are
and the promising front end ever the adobe flex pages

in our jntu engineering profile we are driven more on java so jsps are important in the projects we develop

In jsps the server side scripting is embedded in the middle of html content
and lets not get more tired of writing html pages as we have tools that resemble the microsofts visula studio that can ace our development

heres adobes one innovation 
Adobe dreamweaver cs3
u can get this at

lets not forget the free web+application server helping us
apache tomcat

u can get the latest one

so frnds any doubts regarding using these utilities i can try my best to hep u


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