Sunday, November 16, 2008

A simple personalization

This is just a trail of mine to help people use the tools
this may not be effective but can help

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Flex it

Lets look at some of the features of adobe flex that are provided by the adobe site to just make it easy for us to learn the adobe flex and build rich internet application

I'm trying to learn this application and use this to build rich web applications and with database connectivity

To get started lets take a look at the video provided

This makes the situation more alarming.

Campus Campus!!!!!

Hi Friends
We've been observing some change in the flow of recruitment in campus selections 
Things are not going normal
this blog is not to display the facts but my attempt to expose u to the current trend
According to my knowledge(may be too less......)
The Software Companies are broadly categorized to two types

service oriented company
product oriented company

Most of the campus interviews for the normal engineering institutions(lets assume that ours is not so esteemed in the current competition) are done by the service oriented companies

These companies target and recruit people who are just sufficient( I mean Just sufficient because u don't need to out perform in all things) for their support and maintainance of the project...

What Happens Actually
A service oriented companies usually depends on providing the service to clients that are well established in the world market(usually).

So all the people that are recruited work for the client remotely (called outsourcing the people)  and the client pays for him.
so when a person is recruited a all set stage is to be prepared for him to work. 
this process is called billing.

And The bench is to be maintained by the company and clients are no way involved in that.
so depending on the companies infrastructure they will recruit the people and put them in the bench for these reasons
a)To maintain the balance of the outflow of the people to other companies
b)A ready resource to gain new projects (these companies bid for projects)

Some Reasons Why there has been a alarming firing rate in the companies

I'm just not trying to make wild guesses but apologize me if these appear like them.

The service oriented companies are mostly relied on the clients that are depending on the economic changes in the world ,these companies may see downtrend or a raise and their chances to sustain may not be constant always.

Most of the companies try to maintain an alternative way to maintain themselves in the industry by maintaining more number of clients.
But some clients play a major role in generating the income to the company so any downtrend of such clients will definitely affect the company

Every company maintains a performance report of all the staff and some take this as a chance to reduce load on the company by eliminating the very poor set of performers.


I should call it confusion as we are currently unable to judge the present situation we are going through.

I wanted to mention about the effect of the economic break down in the  US is severely effecting the companies here ,they are trying to get rid of lots of employees by showing them way through negative appraisals and other ways as if they are on a row for competition that concerns the firing rate than the growth.

This is not the first time this situation occurred it happened in 2001 and the reforms made by the US government were able to recover the situation in 2 years or so.
But this time its getting bigger , there is never been such a huge down trend in the market and this is showin a huge impact on the companies dependent on the economy of US

survival of fittest
I m sure that the technical knowledge we have is just below average and we cannot survive  on any grounds with the knowledge we have !

we need to upgrade , we need to increase our scope and areas we work on
and according to me there is not much hope of trying our luck in administrative courses as the situation is forcing even the cream of IIM 's to face rejections at various multinational companies

The clients are reducing their requirements cutting down the work and waiting for patch up of the situation and so the companies today are trying to save their penny for the day when things get too worse

so they will hire persons that are really helpful to the company and to be one of them we need to upgrade to all the latest technical advancements in the computers and also we need to market ourselves to the best price

The best chances of marketing ourselves are good communication skills and some very good projects we work at our graduation level

There should be enough reason of choosing our projects and enough reason for us to make a new one when you found a project on same idea on the internet.
This may sound silly but in our graduation we do a lot of projects that whirl around the same technology for many years , those cannot really help us make our way in to the industry

i think this can help in projects

Hey guys listen up
jus give up the concept of using the oracle 8i and 9i where we are forced to learn the sql from beginning for each project
switch on to oracle 10g express edition available at

this is a free version given from oracle developers site and u need to give ur username and password and it doesnt require email conformation

i forgot to speciffy earlier
u can backup ur user tables connections in oracle by using a simple gui tool to jus move your tables here and there

so here s easy dump for oracle

u can create users,develop reports,forms at ease
this revolution was started in oracle 9i as "isql" and this has changed completely in oracle 10g 

and now enough of the backend stuff
in the present day trends the server pages programming is dominant and the leading contenders are
and the promising front end ever the adobe flex pages

in our jntu engineering profile we are driven more on java so jsps are important in the projects we develop

In jsps the server side scripting is embedded in the middle of html content
and lets not get more tired of writing html pages as we have tools that resemble the microsofts visula studio that can ace our development

heres adobes one innovation 
Adobe dreamweaver cs3
u can get this at

lets not forget the free web+application server helping us
apache tomcat

u can get the latest one

so frnds any doubts regarding using these utilities i can try my best to hep u