Sunday, November 16, 2008

Campus Campus!!!!!

Hi Friends
We've been observing some change in the flow of recruitment in campus selections 
Things are not going normal
this blog is not to display the facts but my attempt to expose u to the current trend
According to my knowledge(may be too less......)
The Software Companies are broadly categorized to two types

service oriented company
product oriented company

Most of the campus interviews for the normal engineering institutions(lets assume that ours is not so esteemed in the current competition) are done by the service oriented companies

These companies target and recruit people who are just sufficient( I mean Just sufficient because u don't need to out perform in all things) for their support and maintainance of the project...

What Happens Actually
A service oriented companies usually depends on providing the service to clients that are well established in the world market(usually).

So all the people that are recruited work for the client remotely (called outsourcing the people)  and the client pays for him.
so when a person is recruited a all set stage is to be prepared for him to work. 
this process is called billing.

And The bench is to be maintained by the company and clients are no way involved in that.
so depending on the companies infrastructure they will recruit the people and put them in the bench for these reasons
a)To maintain the balance of the outflow of the people to other companies
b)A ready resource to gain new projects (these companies bid for projects)

Some Reasons Why there has been a alarming firing rate in the companies

I'm just not trying to make wild guesses but apologize me if these appear like them.

The service oriented companies are mostly relied on the clients that are depending on the economic changes in the world ,these companies may see downtrend or a raise and their chances to sustain may not be constant always.

Most of the companies try to maintain an alternative way to maintain themselves in the industry by maintaining more number of clients.
But some clients play a major role in generating the income to the company so any downtrend of such clients will definitely affect the company

Every company maintains a performance report of all the staff and some take this as a chance to reduce load on the company by eliminating the very poor set of performers.

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